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(L-R) Rosario Setticasi, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
president; Chief Superintendent Dave Critchley, Burnaby RCMP;
and Ron Todson, Fraser  Valley Real Estate Board vice-president

From his days as a recruit in rural Alberta, to an Ottawa inspector, to the Canadian Police Commander in Afghanistan, Chief  Inspector Dave Critchley, Burnaby RCMP, has asked himself “Why am I here?”

Critchley was the keynote speaker at the 12th Annual Realty Watch Police Breakfast, on November 4. This is the second year the breakfast has been part of the BC Crime Prevention Association’s annual symposium.


In 2010, Critchley was asked to take on his most challenging job to date: to oversee the Canadian police contingent in Afghanistan for a year. Based in Kabul, Critchley travelled to many different communities accompanying the Canadian
Ambassador and other senior officials to various meetings and events. Two of these visits stood out as personally defining moments.

After a long, gruelling day travelling many hours over poor road conditions, participating in long meetings, and finally
stuck in a massive traffic jam that made his convoy a target for insurgents, he once again asked himself “Why am I here?”
The second occasion took place at a presentation at Kabul University.

"One of the students rushed up to me and said he wanted to ask me a question. In a loud, clear voice he asked, 'Why are you here? Why are you here in my country?" said Critchley.

“My answer has always been the same, and is quite simple: I want to help my community, wherever I am, to be a safe place to live, raise a family, and prosper."


Critchley concluded with a message to REALTORS® and the crime prevention community: "You can hold your head high with pride, knowing you’re truly making a difference. Because of your involvement, Canada is seen as a place of refuge and safety, a place where we can all live in peace and prosperity."

Hosted by the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley real estate boards, the Realty Watch Police Breakfast provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the program within the policing and crime prevention communities. Rosario Setticasi, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver president and Ron Todson, Fraser Valley Real Estate Board vice-president, hosted the event.

“Through the Realty Watch program and its commitment to safe communities, REALTORS® are also saying we’re here to
contribute to the well-being of our neighbourhoods and its residents,” said Setticasi.

For more information about Realty Watch, visit www.realtywatch.net.