REBGV Statement - Gary Mason article in June 1 Globe and Mail |

Gary Mason article in June 1 Globe and Mail

June 1, 2016 - In his column on June 1, Gary Mason assumes recent allegations in the media about the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver are true. They are not. He failed to ask us for our perspective.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is a not-for-profit professional association that represents over 12,800 REALTORS® in the region. We have a long history of advocating in the interest of home owners, buyers and sellers. We support stronger public protections and measures to improve affordability. We help our members serve the real estate needs of their communities. And we enforce a code of ethics and standards of business practices.

We understand that one of our members contacted the media to express concern that he was not re-appointed to our professional conduct committee, which oversees enforcement of our code of ethics and business practices. The same member believes we made this decision because he's been calling for reforms. The facts say otherwise.

Our organization makes numerous volunteer committee appointments each year based on qualifications, diversity, office composition, performance, and experience. We followed our normal rigorous process in the case at hand. When our member learned about the decision not to re-appoint him, he called several people on our Board of Directors to have it overturned. He also threatened to go to the media. We took great care to review the situation and chose to support the original decision.

The public is best served by fair and even-handed reporting of issues. Having not had the opportunity to give our perspective, we offer it here. For Mr. Mason to characterize the values of our association without speaking with us demonstrates bias.

Dan Morrison
President, REBGV