It started with a story. Realtor Wendy Hunter learned about Admiral Seymour Elementary School from the newspaper.

“I read a story about a student who walked to school in the rain with holes in their shoes and no food,” Wendy explained. “I thought, if there’s something we can do, then let’s do it!”

Recently, Realtors raised $3,000 to help Admiral Seymour’s Grade 7 students attend summer camp. Many of these students are from underprivileged households and could never afford to go otherwise.

“The financial support is invaluable to assist our programs and staff,” school principal Bruce Murton wrote in a thank-you letter to our Area. “It’s through the supportive and caring individuals of your team that enhance our ability to meet the needs of our students.”                         


Update: what happened at camp?!

How much fun is summer camp?! Find out what these students did.

Real estate office helps school

On May 11, 2017, Realtors from Keller Williams Realty Vancentral shut their office for a day to lend a hand to help improve the school’s grounds.

You can watch their efforts here: