Estate NewsSecondary suites now allowed in ground-oriented, multi-family buildingsnoemail@noemail.orgmmoldowanauthorNew updates to the BC Building Code allow secondary suites in duplexes, townhouses, and detached row houses throughout the province. Homes Tax put to good use – Vancouver creates affordable housingnoemail@noemail.orgmmoldowanauthorFour affordable housing projects in Vancouver are receiving grants totalling more than $8.7 million dollars – partially funded by Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax. on evictions for non-payment of rent ends September 1: What you need to knownoemail@noemail.orgmmoldowanauthorOn July 16, the provincial government announced details of a repayment framework intended to help landlords and renters to maintain their housing when the ban on evictions for non-payment of rent is lifted. has COVID-19 been affecting Metro Vancouver’s housing market so far?noemail@noemail.orgfyouattauthorWhen the provincial government first declared a state of emergency for COVID-19, Metro Vancouver’s housing market saw a sharp decline in sales and listings. Find out what's happened since. 2020 Market Insightsnoemail@noemail.orgmmoldowanauthorSteady increases in home sale and listing activity continue in June.