Ninety candles or 120? |

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver turned 90 in 2009. The Board was created when ten local real estate brokers formed and signed the Vancouver Real Estate Exchange’s first charter in March of 1919. These men, despite being in direct competition with each other, came together in the spirit of camaraderie to ensure the vitality of the industry for years to come.

But did you know that it was not the first real estate association in BC?

On March 14, 1888, almost exactly 31 years prior, representatives from the 25 real estate companies operating in Vancouver signed a formal Constitution and Bylaws not very different from the ones drafted in 1919. With entrance fees of $150 and monthly dues of $5, the first Real Estate Board in Vancouver set out to promote, protect and encourage the ownership of real property.

However, less than three months and 24 meetings later, that first Board was no more. Ironically, the membership disbanded after being unable to come to a resolution on the issue of commission sharing with non-members. Over the next 31 years, Vancouver would continue to grow and flourish, and the real estate profession would be at the forefront of her development despite the lack of an organized association.

It wasn’t until 1919 that the real estate community in Vancouver would band together again with a formal association for the profession and its practitioners. And from that seed, the Vancouver Real Estate Exchange Ltd. has grown into today’s Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver!