In the year the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) is celebrating its centennial, the REALTOR® association is also being recognized with one of the most prestigious business excellence awards in the country.

On November 4, Excellence Canada announced that REBGV has achieved the Platinum level award in its Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness (EIW) program.

“The levels of the EIW program are progressive in scope, designed so that organizations can be externally recognized at different levels, which reinforces and assists in sustaining a focus on excellence, innovation, and wellness,” said Kathryn Cestnick, Senior Vice President of Excellence Canada.

REBGV's excellence program

Excellence Canada’s programs form the backbone of REBGV's excellence program. It’s a continuous strategic approach to, and application of, leading business principles and practices in the areas of leadership, governance, planning, customer service, people engagement, process improvement and organizational performance and development.

Or, simply put, it’s what ensures REBGV is delivering the best, most innovative products and services to its more than 14,000 members, while providing world-class customer service and prioritizing strategic planning for the future.

These concepts manifest in:

  • Industry-leading service metrics;
  • Organizational recognition for being a leader in mental health awareness;
  • Advocacy for REALTORS® and the profession, both in government and with home buyers and sellers;
  • And more.

“Our Excellence Program epitomizes the old saying ‘Excellence isn’t a destination, it’s a journey,’” Brad Scott, REBGV CEO, said. “We live our excellence journey in everything we do. It’s how we ensure we bring discipline and structure to our efforts to continually improve.”

REBGV's excellence journey

REBGV has been on an excellence journey since 1996. That’s when REBGV began its relationship with Excellence Canada (formerly the National Quality Institute). REBGV first qualified for the Canada Awards for Excellence (CAE) silver trophy and won the gold trophy three years later.

REBGV then achieved their Canada Order of Excellence (Quality) in 2010, and again in 2013. In 2016, REBGV achieved the Gold Level of the Order of Excellence under the EIW Standard.

What's Excellence Canada?

Founded in 1992 by Industry Canada, Excellence Canada is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing organizational performance across Canada. They developed and maintain the EIW Standard for organizational performance, based upon the most effective practices and proven management strategies from around the world.

Read Excellence Canada’s announcement.