Low-income seniors and persons with disabilities who need to modify their home so they can age in place, may be eligible for a financial assistance program funded by the federal and provincial governments.     

The Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program provides funding to home owners and landlords of affordable rental properties to improve accessibility and promote safe and independent living. 

To qualify

Both home owners and tenants must demonstrate a financial need, with an income and house value below a limit set for their area by BC Housing.

When a landlord applies for funding on behalf of eligible tenants, the tenants is required to complete a portion of the application to show that they need the adaptations. A landlord of a multi-unit property can apply for funding for more than one unit, and may be eligible for funding for adaptations in common areas.

Strata corporations are not eligible for assistance. However individual home owners in a strata property may be eligible.

Adaptations must directly address the owner or renter’s diminished abilities or disability and could include:
  • ramps for ease of access;
  • lever handles on doors;
  • handrails in hallways or stairways;
  • easy to reach work and storage areas in the kitchen; and/or
  • walk-in showers with grab bars, or bathtub grab bars and seats.

Adaptations should be permanent and fixed to the home, with exceptions made for equipment designed to improve access to existing parts of the home, such as bath lifts. However, other portable aides such as walkers and household appliances are not eligible.

Financial assistance

 Aid of up to $20,000 per home or unit is available in the form of a grant or loan.  The assistance provided is not taxable. The HAFI program has limited funding and all applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis until the annual funding allocation is exhausted. Applications may be made in each year, beginning in April.

Depending on the amount received, the grant or loan will not need to be repaid under the following situations:
  • For grants up to $5,000, repayment obligations will cease after one year.
  • For loans greater than $5,000, repayment obligations will cease after three years.
  • For assistance greater than $40,000 (usually for multi-family properties), repayment obligations may cease over 3 – 5 years.

More info

Visit www.bchousing.org/HAFI to find:
  • an application for home owners;
  • an application for landlords/tenants;
  • an FAQ; and
  • a brochure available in English/Chinese/Punjabi.