If you believe the opinions expressed in “Vested interests will prevent cleanup of British Columbia’s housing mess” (July 21), and other highly biased commentaries recently published by the Globe and Mail, you've no doubt concluded there's no hope for the real estate industry. I believe most people know that's just not true.
There hasn’t been a housing market like this in the Lower Mainland, ever. REALTORS® are acutely aware of the depth of public frustration and anger. We've become a lightning rod for much of it. The issues - housing affordability, allegations of Realtor misconduct, empty houses - are causing deep concern for all of us.
The vast majority of realtors are ethical, caring, and professional members of our communities. We have a long history of advocating for stronger punishments, stricter enforcement and more education. Many of the Independent Advisory Group’s recommendations were standards we advocated for years before the group was commissioned.
Complaints alleging any breaches to the Real Estate Services Act go to the government's regulatory arm, the Real Estate Council of BC. We also take responsibility for those in our ranks who act outside the public interest. Through our Realtor Code of Ethics, we demand a higher standard of ourselves than that required by law. Those acting outside our code face the justice of peers who know that the reputation of all realtors may be damaged by a few.
Realtors believe in protecting and serving you. Our business depends on it. When you work with one of us, you expect to work with a professional who invests in continuous training, follows an ethical code, and has your best interests as a priority.

Dan Morrison, President
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver