What if I have a complaint about a REALTOR®? | www.rebgv.org

We hope you are happy with the services of your REALTOR®. If you aren’t, we urge you to file a complaint. Here’s what we suggest you do.

For serious misconduct

If you think your Realtor hasn’t conducted themselves properly, please contact the Real Estate Council of BC. Council is the government’s regulator of the real estate industry. Its mandate is to protect home buyers and sellers in BC, and deal with complaints made against Realtors.

We want to make sure our Realtors meet not only their statutory obligations, but also the ethical standards laid down in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

However, Council requires consumer complaints first be made to it. If Council investigates your complaint and finds wrongdoing by our member, we will be notified. A Realtor who is in breach of Council requirements and/or the law may be subject to an additional investigation and sanction by us.

File a complaint to the Council here.

For minor issues

If you have a service-quality or relationship concern with your Realtor, you may wish to contact their managing broker to ask for resolution. Managing brokers are responsible for actions of Realtors under their supervision. You can reach the managing broker by telephoning their brokerage.

For compensation

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver doesn’t have the power to grant compensation. If you’re seeking monetary compensation, please contact your Realtor’s managing broker, small claims court, or a lawyer.

Find more information on small claims court here.

For complaints between Realtors

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is the professional organization that represents and provides services to Realtors in Metro Vancouver. Members are obligated to report potential wrongdoing by their colleagues to us. Complaints of this nature are made directly by members to the Board’s Professional Standards Department.