Can you recommend a REALTOR® or a home inspector? |

Can you recommend a REALTOR® or a home inspector?

We don’t recommend specific professionals. We do offer the following sources to help you make an informed decision:

  • REALTOR®click here to view the listings in the neighbourhood where you plan to buy or sell your home to see which REALTORS® specialize in your area. Drive, cycle or walk around the neighbourhood and visit open houses to meet REALTORS®. Ask family, friends, colleagues and neighbours for recommendations. Interview REALTORS® to determine who would work best with you. 
  • Home inspector – visit the professional association at which lists members. Ask family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and your REALTOR® for recommendations. Interview several home inspectors to determine who would best work with you. Ask about their education and experience, and for references. Remember to ask if the home inspector has professional liability insurance.