When Vancouver Realtor Michelle Yu saw a video online of a mother sleeping outside with her child in the slums of El Salvador, she knew she had to do something. That’s why she's donating her $56,756 commission on a  Shaughnessy home to help house families from the Central American country.

“We're in a privileged position where we can help, and we're using this opportunity to help people who are living in unimaginable conditions,” Yu said.

Yu is working with World Housing, which provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world by collaborating with individuals and businesses to build communities.

The seller of the property is also adding to the donation. With both contributions, World Housing expects to build at least 10 homes.

“Through World Housing, we can make a difference to these families, giving them the safety and security of a home. This gives them hope, and the greatest opportunity for a brighter future,” Yu said.

Yu has dedicated time and money to many charitable organizations in the past, including the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Richmond Hospital Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society.