Four affordable housing projects in Vancouver are receiving grants totalling more than $8.7 million dollars.

The grants will go towards the construction of 269 units in these social housing projects:  

  • Finnish Care Home with a grant of $890,000; 
  • Lee’s Senior Housing with a grant of $655,000; 
  • Salvation Army with a grant of $910,000; and  
  • Aboriginal Land Trust and Lu’ma Aboriginal Housing Society with a grant of $6,255,000. 

The grants support the investment of multiple partners to deliver the proposed housing projects and are funded by revenue from: 

  • the Empty Homes Tax; 
  • the city’s capital budget; and  
  • the $25 million Community Housing Incentive Program (CHIP) which awards housing providers with grants which increase the affordability of a social or co-op housing project by providing a capital contribution towards its construction.