Conscious coupling: Finding the REALTOR® for you |

Are you looking for a Realtor who's a great match for you?

Consider your situation

Are you a first-time buyer or looking to downsize? Are you looking for a detached home or a strata property?

There’s a Realtor who can help no matter what your situation is. Realtors can specialize to serve their clients in a variety of ways – from working with first-time buyers to working with seniors, from specializing in condos to detached homes, and everything in between.

Align your values

Is giving to the community important to you? Do you prefer a Realtor who places a high emphasis on professional development?

Realtors come with all kinds of personalities, interests, and drives. Ask questions about the things that matter to you and go with a Realtor who meets your standards.

Ask those you trust

Do you have family, friends, or colleagues who’ve used a Realtor within the last few years? What did they like or dislike about their Realtor?

Odds are you’ve taken the advice of a friend or family member for things like dining out, buying a car, or other professional services. Ask them about their experience with their Realtor and see what they have to say.


Here are more questions to ask potential Realtors:

Are you  licensed?
Realtors are licensed real estate professionals who are also members of a local real estate board. A Realtor acts as an agent for the buyer or the seller. No matter who they represent, Realtors are legally obligated to protect and promote the interests of their clients. All Realtors must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and a high standard of business practices.

Can you give me references from recent clients?
This could confirm or reject your opinion of the Realtor.

Have you been in tough negotiations?
Ask how they handled it. You want to make sure your Realtor is a strong negotiator.

What are your fees?
Usually the seller pays the commission, but it pays to check. If you're selling, ask what fees you’ll be charged and if there are any other costs. If you're buying, ask if there are any costs you’ll have to cover.

How will you find or sell a property for me?
What technology will your Realtor use to search for and to keep you informed?

How do you communicate with your clients?
Make sure you’re both using the same method – phone, email, other.