Benefits of membership |

Becoming a REALTOR® gives you a huge advantage in the marketplace. As a member, you will have access to important tools and services provided by real estate boards and the provincial and national associations. Here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • Multiple Listing Service® access

    Only REALTORS® have access to and use the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), the most successful and comprehensive real estate listing database and website in Canada. Real estate agents who are not members and the public do not have access to this highly detailed information.

    MLS® helps you establish the market value of a property, eliminating guesswork which results in easier, quicker and more satisfactory negotiations.

  • Professional standards and business practices

    The board provides a mechanism through which member complaints can be assessed and dealt with in a fair and timely manner.

  • Standard forms

    There are many forms REALTORS® need to use in their regular transactions with clients. Contacting the board is a convenient way to get these forms.

  • Media relations and public relations

    The following activities are undertaken on your behalf:

    • the national advertising campaign
    • press releases on market activity
    • emerging issues management
  • Statistics

    The board provides member access to a range of statistics related to market trends, sales and listings. This includes sales summaries, various charts and graphs, and sales facts.

    You can use this information to provide clients with the information they need regarding house pricing, and to help with client presentations.

  • Communication

    As a member, you will receive or can make use of:

    • the bi-weekly newsletter, in both print and electronic formats
    • the intranet site that houses documents and information you’ll need to conduct your business
    • email notices of news and events
    • consumer research
  • Education

    The board offers courses to meet your Professional Development Program requirements. Additional  learning opportunities are also available, please see Education for more information.

  • Advocacy

    Part of what the board does is speak to municipal, provincial and federal governments on behalf of our members on matters such as our role in supporting sustainable communities and environmental stewardship, and our involvement in the planning process of cities and municipalities. Please see Government Relations for more information.

  • Other

    • You can register for any REALTOR® tradeshow and conference in Canada. These events are not open to the public.
    • You can apply for coverage with the REALTOR® Group Benefits Plan.