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Allegations of real estate agent misconduct have surfaced in the media recently. No one is more concerned about this than us and the more than 20,000 Realtors we represent.

We are disheartened and feel all Realtors have been tarred with the same brush. The vast majority of our colleagues across the province are doing our jobs, and doing them well. 

We believe in high standards, and accountability for those who fail to meet those standards. We are legally and professionally obligated to look out for our clients’ best interests at all times.

Our profession has been designed and regulated over many years to protect the public. If Realtors do something wrong, we can - and should - be held accountable under the criminal code, administered by the courts, under the Real Estate Services Act, administered by the Real Estate Council of BC, and under the Realtor Code of Ethics and other rules and regulations, administered by local real estate boards.

When allegations of wrongdoing surface, the real estate profession acts. We look for opportunities to strengthen accountability and client protections within the profession. Our Realtor members expect us to act. So does the government and the public.

Most people continue to work with Realtors to buy or sell their homes. Last year, more than 80 per cent of transactions involved a Realtor. When you work with a Realtor, you can expect to work with a professional who invests in continuous training and follows an ethical code. If that isn’t the case, we encourage you to contact the real estate board in your area or the Real Estate Council of BC.

We believe in protecting and serving you, the homebuying and selling public who trust us with one of the most valuable transactions in your lives.

Deanna Horn
President, BC Real Estate Association

Dan Morrison
President, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

This item appeared in the Vancouver Sun, April 15, 2016.