Affordable housing key issue in Federal election, October 19, 2015 |

It's important for you to vote in the Federal Election, October 19, 2015.

Here's a summary of party platforms with a focus on housing and real estate issues. 






Affordable housing   Will create a National Housing Strategy for seniors, First Nations, social and affordable market housing. Will ensure a percentage of new units are reserved for affordable housing As part of 10-year $20 billion investment in social infrastructure, will build and refurbish affordable housing and seniors facilities Will build 10,000 affordable housing units, and maintain and strengthen social housing
Affordable housing - cooperatives   Will dedicate funding to co-op housing; extend funding for co-ops with expiring contracts Will renew expiring co-op agreements  
Affordable housing - homeless   Will create a Housing First Approach to house chronically homeless residents and provide support Will renew funding for Housing First to help homeless find stable housing Will invest $40 million to restore cuts to shelters for women fleeing violence, creating/renovating 2,100 shelter spaces and 350 transition house spaces
Affordable housing - repurpose federal land and buildings for low cost housing     Will repurpose federal land in partnership with municipalities, provinces, territories  
Budget Will balance the budget in 2016   Will balance the budget in 2016 Will balance the budget in 2016
Capital gains deferral, accelerated depreciation, deduction of losses against other income if property owner reinvests in another rental property     Will eliminate GST on new capital investments in affordable rental housing; will provide $125 million per year in tax incentives to increase/renovate rental housing  
Census      Will reinstate long-form census and make Statistics Canada independent  
Energy efficiency   Will retrofit all homes by 2030 to increase energy efficiency; will reduce 80% of building emissions by 2040 Will accelerate construction of green infrastructure Will create a new fund to help retrofit homes and offices.

$4.5 billion in new national investment in clean energy, climate-resilient infrastructure, commercial and industrial energy retrofits over four years by issuing low-risk, government backed Green Bonds.
Environment Will reduce Canada's emissions by 30% by 2030 Will encourage private sector investment in green tech, clean energy and green jobs Will establish national emissions-reduction targets. Will invest in clean technologies / measures to create green jobs. Will introduce a better environmental review process and end fossil fuel industry subsidies Will redirect $1 billion from fossil fuels subsidies to investment in clean energy sector; will make polluters pay
First Nations Will commit $567 million over 5 years to help build stronger communities; $30.3 million to expand a plan helping communities create their own land management laws to improve economic development on reserve lands Will create a National First Nations plan under a National Housing Strategy to increase access to social housing Will rebuild relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians Create a cabinet committee to ensure federal government decisions respect treaty rights
First-time Home Buyers' Tax Credit Will continue the $5,000 tax credit to help with closing costs such as legal fees and land transfer taxes      
Goods and Services Tax     Will increase new residential rental property GST rebate to 100% to eliminate GST on new capital investments in affordable rental units  
Guaranteed Livable Income   Will implement a guaranteed livable income to help Canadians afford a home    
Home Buyers' Plan (RRSPs for downpayment) Would increase withdrawal limit to $35,000 from $25,000   Will change rules to allow home buyers to use RRSPs to buy a home more than once, and allow use by those facing job relocation, death of spouse, marital breakdown or to accommodate an elderly relative   
Home Renovation Tax Credit Will make permanent the temporary home renovation tax credit for renovation expenses $1,000 - $5,000 Will reintroduce and expand the tax credit to create incentives to make homes and businesses more energy efficient and accessible.    
Infrastructure $5.3 billion a year under New Building Canada Plan. Will bring in a new Public Transit Fund of $250 million in 2017, $500 million in 2018 and $1 billion a year after 2019

$150 million for Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program to fund community and cultural infrastructure projects for Canada’s 150 anniversary in 2017
Will reinvest in national rail systems; accelerate construction of green infrastructure, so a majority of energy needs come from renewable sources by 2025 Will have large pension funds invest in major infrastructure projects; will increase infrastructure investment to $125 billion from $65 billion Dedicate 1 cent of federal gas tax to roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Launch the Better Transit Plan and annually invest $1.5 billion in roads and bridges.

$13.7 billion over 20 years for local communities' priorities. $5.2 billion earmarked to improve Lower Mainland transit including Surrey Light Rail Transit and the Broadway SkyTrain Extension.
Mail delivery   Will restore door-to-door mail delivery Will restore door-to-door mail delivery Will restore door-to-door mail delivery Will restore door-to-door mail delivery  
National housing plan/strategy   Will develop a National Housing Strategy   Will develop a National Housing Strategy
Red Tape For businesses will cut red tape stemming from legislation/policy rules      
Rental housing     Will support CMHC to finance construction (private, social enterprises, co-ops and not-for-profit) of new affordable rental housing  
Speculation / Investment Will collect data on foreign buyer activity in housing market in increments of $500,000 Will eliminate the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program allowing foreign investors to buy Canadian properties Will review home prices in high-priced markets to see if speculation is driving the cost; will survey policy tools that could keep home ownership within reach  
Tax-Free Savings Account Will maintain new $10,000 annual limit so Canadians can save and invest money tax-free   Will reverse new $10,000 limit back to $5,500 limit Will reverse new $10,000 limit back to $5,500 limit
Taxes Will cut small business tax rate to 9% from 11%. Will continue income splitting Will cut small-business tax rate to 9% from 11%. Will cancel income splitting Will cut small-business tax rate to 9% from 11%. Will raise corporate taxes to 19%. Will cancel income splitting Will cut middle-class income-tax bracket to 20.5% from 22% Reduce small-business tax rate to 9% from 11%. Will not raise personal income tax rates. Will cancel income splitting. Will raise corporate tax rate for large corporations

Conservative platform
Affordable Home
  Ownership Plan

Green platform
National Housing
Liberal platform
Affordable Housing

Fiscal Plan and
NDP platform
National Housing

Balanced Fiscal Plan
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