Affordability is solvable with more home construction - UDI |

Metro Vancouver's rental vacancy rate is less than one per cent and the region’s population growth rate is on pace to reach 65,000 people a year.

Yet we're only building about 20,000 homes a year – and this is a problem, according to the Urban Development Institute.

What can be done about it?

UDI is looking to get rid of the barriers that increase costs and delay construction, and wants to work with communities to unlock supply. That’s why they launched the #MoreHomes4BC campaign to raise awareness about the housing shortage and affordability in BC.

The goal is to make more, diverse housing for the region that caters to a wide range of people across the socio-economic spectrum.

If you want to help UDI, like their new MoreHomes4BC Facebook page and follow them on Instagram (@MoreHomes4BC)