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We're adapting our traditional REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive this year to an online fundraising campaign. We’re calling it the 2020 REALTORS Care® Blanket Charity Drive!

From November 23 to 30, support those most in need by making a donation. The money will go to our long-time REALTORS Care® partner charities.

Everything's changed this year because of COVID-19. The pandemic has been particularly hard on the most vulnerable people in our communities. While the charities that we work with for the REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive told us that they won’t accept clothing donations this year because of the risk of spreading illness, we knew that you still want to help.

That’s why we developed this year’s online charity drive.

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Thank you!

#Passthedonation challenge

Our Realtors challenge you to make a donation to our Blanket Drive charities!



2019: Sharing the warmth for 25 years

How the Blanket Drive helps charities

Here's a list of Lower Mainland charities that receive donations from the Blanket Drive.

The REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive story

Way back in 1994, some caring REALTORS® in Vancouver observed the homeless situation in the city’s eastside and said to themselves, we’ve got to do something.

They put out an appeal to their colleagues for warm blankets and coats and collected enough donations to help 3,000 of Vancouver’s homeless in the downtown core.

That single act of kindness has blossomed into one of the largest annual collections of warm clothing and blankets, helping homeless people and the working poor in every single community in the Lower Mainland.

Since then, thousands of REALTORS® from Whistler to Hope have collected enough donations to help more than 385,000 people in need. Each year, more than 75 dedicated members pick-up and deliver all the donations, and well over 100 real estate offices in the Lower Mainland act as collection depots.

The REALTORS Care® Drive now collects an astonishing amount of warm, winter items on behalf of dozens of local charities to help about 35,000 people each year.

Blanket Drive 20th anniversary quilt

Working together to provide warmth is why a quilt was chosen to represent 2014's Blanket Drive.

The quilt's patchwork design represents how we work with charities to help relieve the strain of poverty of those in need.

In keeping with this theme, a commemorative quilt was made to mark the Blanket Drive's 20th anniversary.

Blocks with names of real estate offices that act as drop-off locations, images from previous Blanket Drive posters, a brief history of this annual event, and the signatures of past and current volunteers make up the design.

Pictured with the quilt are two of the Realtors who founded this program, and volunteers past and present.