We provide structure and services that help our members excel and foster public confidence in the real estate profession.


Realtors value REBGV and our communities value Realtors.


  • Co-operation, teamwork and partnering
  • Innovation
  • Leadership through involvement and by example
  • Respect for the individual and encouragement for people to develop their full potential
  • Obligations to stakeholders, including an exemplary concern for responsibility to society
  • Contribution of each and every individual
  • Primary focus on customers
  • A process-oriented and prevention-based strategy
  • Continuous improvement of methods and outcomes
  • Factual approach to decision-making

Diversity statement

REBGV is an inclusive workplace. We believe diversity and equality create a rich environment that enhances superior business practices within our organisation, and amongst our employees, members and the public. We are proud to be part of an inclusive culture, sustained as much by our differences as by our common values.