A year of fundraising through the REALTORS Care® Shelter Drive has netted $41,102.69 for three housing-related charities in the Real E state Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) area.  

The Lookout Emergency Aid Society in North Vancouver, Monarch Place in New Westminster, and Munroe House in Vancouver were the charities of choice for the third year of the Shelter Drive and will share the proceeds.


“These housing charities work with limited funds, yet they are very successful in helping vulnerable people move forward with their lives,” Eugen Klein, Board president said.

The funds raised this year exceeded last year’s total by $6,000.


(L-R): Carsten Love, B NT Division vice president; Vanessa Wellington-Clark, Munroe House, Vancouver; Roshni Gleitman, Monarch Place, New Westminster; Eugen Klein, REBG V president; Karen Young, Lookout Emergency Aid Society, North Vancouver; Dan Morrison, NSS Division president. Missing: Ilan Heller, Westside Division president 

More than $105,000 has been raised for housing related charities since the Shelter Drive began three years ago.

The Shelter Drive was developed by members of the Board and is funded entirely by member donations. In partnership with the divisions, funds are raised through events such as Christmas parties, golf tournaments and member events, and Board activities like the BC Lions ticket program, the two annual home shows, and sales of the Board’s Teldon calendar.

How donations will be used

The Lookout Emergency Aid Society provides safe and immediate temporary housing for adult men and women and helps them connect with services in the community. The Lookout Society will use its donation to refurbish two handicapped  showers in need of repair.

Monarch Place is a transition house that offers help and support to women and children fleeing domestic violence. Its funds will go towards a full-time mobile outreach program that provides supportive services helping to prevent or alleviate the risk of homelessness for women and children who are seeking to establish stable lives.

Munroe House is a second stage transition house for women and children that provides supportive housing and programs. The reality amongst abused women is that if they are faced with subjecting their children to inadequate   housing, about 75 per cent will often choose to endure the abuse if they believe their children will be better off. The donation to Munroe House will help fund a successful program that helps women develop long term plans for their economic and personal independence. 

The REALTORS Care® Shelter Drive was created in 2009 and supports up to three housing-related charities a year from across Greater Vancouver. Each year the charities are selected from recommendations made by members.