Realty Watch is a powerful community crime prevention program operating across the Lower Mainland from Hope to Whistler and the Sunshine Coast, and every community in between.

The program is run in partnership with local police departments and the RCMP where more than 16,000 REALTORS® assist police as extra ‘eyes and ears’ in their communities. 

Latest success

Port Coquitlam Realtor Risa Bassetto integral to finding a missing person in July 2016

Risa was alerted about the missing senior through the Realty Watch program.

Risa was driving home when she saw an elderly person on the sidewalk. Gut instinct told her something wasn’t right. The next day, she checked the Realty Watch fan-out requested by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and discovered it was the same person.

“It was that fan-out and picture that made me call the police,” Risa said. “If there was no fan-out, they could still be missing.”

“Risa was instrumental in finding this elderly person,” said Detective Constable Raymond Payette, VPD. “She and the Realty Watch program allowed us to find this senior safe.”


How it works

  • REALTORS® observe and report to police any suspicious activity that they may happen upon in their day-to-day business. 
  • In emergency situations, REALTORS® respond to a police or RCMP-activated request to search for missing/abducted children or vulnerable adults, or life threatening situations.




  • A White Rock REALTOR® received a police fan-out and realised the elderly woman he had just helped was listed as missing, May 2009. Press release.
  • The Langley RCMP credits Realty Watch with the swift discovery and return of a missing teenager, July 2006. 
  • A REALTOR® received a fan-out in the middle of an open house. He looked outside the living room window and spotted the missing boy on the street, 2000.


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