Our members support numerous charities and causes in the communities where they live and work and in places around the world.

Creating fundraising golf tournemants, running in the Ironman, preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinners, and donating to local foundations and schools are some of the activities in which members enthusiastically participate.

More than $8 million has been donated to or raised for charity by our members from 2007 to 2010.


$23.7 million donated to charity in 2012   A historic legacy


A multi-million dollar donation made by a long-time member marks a historic total in the Board’s program quantifying members’ charitable giving.



William PJ McCarthy made the single largest charitable bequest to a sole beneficiary in British Columbia’s history.

Shoes for the world   Out to Africa


On a two-year sailing voyage, REALTOR® Eduardo Fritis and his family will deliver shoes and other necessities for disadvantaged children.



Cathy Emmerson was a successful REALTOR® from Maple Ridge on a holiday in Rwanda. What she saw there changed her life

Man of iron     A giving lifestyle   


What would make someone swim 3.8 kms, bike 180 kms, and run 42.2 kms in one day? REALTOR® Cal Lindberg participated in the Ironman race, held each year in Penticton, B.C. Find out why.


From saving lobsters on the east coast to helping the homeless, helping others is as vital to REALTOR® Laura-Leah Shaw as breathing.