Capri Everitt, daughter of REALTORS® Kerrie and Tom Everitt, finished her 80-country tour on August 12. Her goal was to raise awareness and money for SOS Children’s Villages, and she set a Guinness World Record for most anthems sung in their host's country!

Congratulations Capri, Tom, Kerrie and the whole Everitt family on this remarkable achievement!

You can see her sing her 80th anthem below:

Capri, 11, has been singing and playing the piano since she was five years old. Even at such young age, she’s performed at some big venues across North America, including the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa and at We Day in Vancouver. In the United States, she’s performed in New York and Chicago.

Capri came up with the idea for the 80 anthems tour after reading a book about struggling children around the world - some  living in poverty and collecting garbage in the hopes of finding food.