This summer, the Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation asked Realtors, brokerages, franchisors, real estate boards and associations, and their affiliated charitable organizations how much they raised and/or donated to charity in 2015. The foundation crunched the numbers and found more than $19.6 million was donated.

Added to the previous 2012-2014 tally, that’s a grand total of $91.2 million in only four years. 

This impressive number is only a fraction of the true amount of money, not to mention time and passion, the Realtor community gave to charity during those four years. Many Realtors are humble about their charitable works and don’t want to publicize the contributions they’ve made to their communities and favourite charities.

While the Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation greatly respects this view, they also believe it’s important to spread the word about their good deeds. It illustrates the generosity of the Realtor community and shines a spotlight on the charities and causes close to their hearts, inspiring others to follow their lead to help make a difference. 

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